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Page 2

I'm not at all happy with the art on this one, especially the third panel. I'm *trying* for a use of blacks similar to some of Dave Sim and Gerhard's work in Melmoth, but the difference is that they a) could draw, b) had drawn some comics before that one, and c) weren't trying to draw with a mouse. Given my total lack of any discernable artistic talent though, I should count myself lucky even to have got them looking humanish...

And some more information about the comic. I'm hoping to do roughly 100 pages, and I hope by the end I'll have got half-decent at drawing. I'll then correct the more egregious of the mistakes and, if anyone wants it, self-publish it through .

This first section will probably be the dullest - rather narration-heavy, lots of still shots, telling the bare-bones story of the album's making. I'm hoping to go in many different directions with this though, exploring some of the questions behind Smile, the mythology, my own responses to it, the way it affected the key players and so on, as well as maybe doing some short pieces interpreting the songs as comics. It *won't* all be like these first few pages - this is just the intro, and me teaching myself to draw (as well as to write...)

Once the comic gets going a bit, I'll also do notes for each page, a la From Hell, where appropriate.
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