The John Betjeman Appreciation Society (stealthmunchkin) wrote in dumbangelcomic,
The John Betjeman Appreciation Society

Comic now up

Today's comic is a few days late as I've been trying to make arrangements for use of the Smile cover in the first panel. I believe I've come to an arrangement with Frank Holmes, the artist, and so I can now upload it.

Everyone has been very, very helpful when it comes to permissions. Gerhard (the background artist on Cerebus) has given me permission to use a couple of panels of Cerebus free of charge, while Van Dyke Parks has helped me find the information about who to contact for lyric reproduction, and has told me he likes the idea. It's odd to open your inbox and find emails from your heroes...

The next comic will be up much, much sooner, and will be in a narrative style, as will the few pages after that. There may be a short break in a few days, as I may be losing internet access due to extreme poverty, but after that I plan to be on a more regular schedule (it's taking about 2 hours to do each panel now, as opposed to the six or seven the first few took, so I'm definitely speeding up...)

(BTW I've been ill all day and so haven't checked my friends page. Apologies if anyone's said anything important).
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