The John Betjeman Appreciation Society (stealthmunchkin) wrote in dumbangelcomic,
The John Betjeman Appreciation Society

Well, this took long enough, didn't it?

My life has just been stupidly hectic the last couple of weeks - I've spent most of the time at my family's home, and I've had the 'flu - so I've not been able to keep to anything like a regular update schedule. I'm going to try to get a couple more of these put up within the next week.

My phone will be cut off (and with it my net access) on Thursday, but I hope to have paid off the bill within a week or two of that, so there shouldn't be *too* much disruption to the comic (I'll try and get a backlog done - yeah right...). When I come back from that, I hope to start doing a second webcomic, a more conventional superhero thing.

(I suppose I could do what every single other webcomic artist is doing now and steal Randy Milholland's idea of asking for a large donation. But unlike him I don't have three years' worth of consistently good stuff up, so I doubt I'd get 50p ;) ).

Anyway, on to the comic itself. This is an area I don't really want to tackle much, but you can't do something about the Beach Boys' Smile album without tackling the issue of Brian Wilson's mental illness. I don't want to dwell on it, but it does need mentioning.

I've had some qualms about doing this page this way, because I don't want to make Brian look like Earl from Red Meat or something. Hopefully, it doesn't make him look too much like that. Anyone who knows me will know the tremendous amount of respect I have for Brian Wilson. Those who don't... well, you'll just have to trust that I'm not trying to make the man look bad.

As to the page itself, there are things I like about it, and things I don't. I think the main image I've used in the first five panels is one of the better ones I've done, and if it doesn't sound too arrogant to say so it reminds me slightly of Dave Gibbons (I've been reading the wonderful Across The Universe: The DC Universe Stories Of Alan Moore recently, which includes some of Gibbons' work, so that's probably influenced me). The sixth panel I don't like at all. The lettering's sloppy as hell too.

The lettering will be fixed when I put this out in dead-tree form (my abilities are improving fast enough that I know I'll be able to do it by the time the story ends), and I may have to make some other changes too. I've been doing these pages as essentially single pages, and the narrative is a little disjointed. I'll probably change the page order round a bit before then, and maybe change the wording a little.

As always, any suggestions gratefully received.

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