The John Betjeman Appreciation Society (stealthmunchkin) wrote in dumbangelcomic,
The John Betjeman Appreciation Society

The quotes in this page are Dennis Wilson from a 1967 interview (I can't find the reference now, but it was for something like Teen Scene magazine; Al Jardine as reported in Wouldn't It Be Nice: My True Story by Brian Wilson and Todd Gold (a highly inaccurate book in many respects, so the quote may be far from word-for-word. The sentiments, however, seem to be accurate); and Mike Love as reported in Byron Preiss' 1980 biography of the band (the quote is slightly edited to fit the speech bubble, but otherwise accurate. Love has expressed these feelings many times over a 37 year period).

This comic is, of course, late (what a surprise. I can see your shocked faces already). This is because I've been busy preparing for my debut as a solo artist at the Cavern in Liverpool last night, as part of International Pop Overthrow. This went exactly as well as anyone who has heard my 'singing' and 'guitar playing' would expect.

I'm thinking more and more that when I do this as a dead tree, I'm going to have to reorder the pages - what works in a serial form doesn't necessarily make for smooth reading in one go, and there's going to be another big jump with the next comic, where I'm going to go into my theories about how the themes of Smile essentially boil down to an expansion of the themes of Pet Sounds, especially Caroline, No, and especially the line "where did your long hair go?". I'll try to smooth the transition though...

I'm trying for a more impressionistic look this time, rather than the Aubrey Beardsley via Sim and Gerhard look I attempted earlier on. I'm still trying to find my style, and any comments would, as always, be appreciated.

And RIP John Peel. Always sad when one of the good ones dies, and the only time I ever saw him in person was at a Brian Wilson concert...
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