The John Betjeman Appreciation Society (stealthmunchkin) wrote in dumbangelcomic,
The John Betjeman Appreciation Society

The Return Of Dumb Angel

Did ya miss me?!

Well, that was the longest week ever, wasn't it? My sincere apologies for the ridiculously long time since the last proper update, but for 7 months I was either without a computer, without net access, or both. Then when I got it back I had to relearn all my old techniques (I became amazingly rusty).

The bad news is, I still won't be able to update on a definite schedule - I'm now working full time, and one of these takes me (depending on complexity) 12 to 70 hours to do (for those who don't know, I draw everything with a mouse - I have no tablet or scanner. Those who've tried drawing this way will know just how ridiculously difficult it is). The good news is it will still be updated fairly regularly - I already have 3/4 of the next page (Little Brian In Slumberland) done.

In other news, Dumb Angel is going to be featured in an anthology comic I'm putting together with Andy O'Brien (of Roll Plymouth Rock magazine), in installments, before its eventual full graphic novel release. This comic will have a very interesting feature, about which more later.

Lastly, for now, I'd like to thank Andrew Bonias for (so far) the only fan-mail I've had on the comic from a fellow webcomic creator. His Chaos Chronicles (at is very different from Dumb Angel, but well worth a look...

See you in a lot less than eight months!

(We'll sell a million units - in January!)
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