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I'll have a page up later today, I'm just waiting for a reply from Frank Holmes, the artist who drew the original Smile cover, about reproducing his art as one panel (he's agreed in theory, but asked for more information).
I feel very important looking through my inbox, as I've been contacting people about reproducing odd bits - I want to use two panels of Cerebus at one point, and I'm going to quote some lyrics - so today I've received emails from Gerhard (Cerebus background artist), Van Dyke Parks (who for the comic geeks who don't know about Smile is the Smile lyricist and the man who appears in two of the panels on the first comic) and Frank Holmes - as well as a friend asking me questions about this comic for his Beach Boys fanzine.
I'd better get some more pages done, under the circumstances, hadn't I? ;)

Little Bit Of Politics...

Todays Grauniad had a story about Smile, where they asked, of all people, Geoff Hoon to talk about it. He said it was sad that it hadn't come out before because 'it was ready in 1967'. Since it wasn't completed until this year, I suppose that explains the 45 minutes quote. In Hoontalk 'Saddam can have weapons of mass destruction in Britain within 45 minutes' obviously means 'He's got most of the bits, but it'll take him 37 years to put it together.
Comic later tonight/tomorrow.
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Just letting everyone know that the comic now has a proper URL - http://dumbangel.keenspace.com - for you to bookmark. All future comics will be linked to from here, but this community will still have my notes and so on. The main page so far only has the first comic, as I'm not yet able to upload the second one or to customise it.
Sorry for the posts on here clogging up everyone's friends list BTW. When setting it up obviously there are a few more posts to be made than normal. Soon the traffic on here will be down to a post a day or so.
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Page 2

I'm not at all happy with the art on this one, especially the third panel. I'm *trying* for a use of blacks similar to some of Dave Sim and Gerhard's work in Melmoth, but the difference is that they a) could draw, b) had drawn some comics before that one, and c) weren't trying to draw with a mouse. Given my total lack of any discernable artistic talent though, I should count myself lucky even to have got them looking humanish...
The pageCollapse )

And some more information about the comic. I'm hoping to do roughly 100 pages, and I hope by the end I'll have got half-decent at drawing. I'll then correct the more egregious of the mistakes and, if anyone wants it, self-publish it through lulu.com .

This first section will probably be the dullest - rather narration-heavy, lots of still shots, telling the bare-bones story of the album's making. I'm hoping to go in many different directions with this though, exploring some of the questions behind Smile, the mythology, my own responses to it, the way it affected the key players and so on, as well as maybe doing some short pieces interpreting the songs as comics. It *won't* all be like these first few pages - this is just the intro, and me teaching myself to draw (as well as to write...)

Once the comic gets going a bit, I'll also do notes for each page, a la From Hell, where appropriate.
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Make that "in the morning". I've got all but one panel of the page done (although I'm not very happy with the art), but I'm drawing Mike Love like an Evil Supervillain - The Nasalator or something - so I'm going to leave it til after I've had some sleep and some sense of realism comes back. Bear with me with these first few pages - I'll get better and more regular as I get into a rhythm.
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Update later today

Sorry for the delay in this, but I was staying at my parents' for a few days, and panel 1 of page 2 is incredibly difficult to do (it's a montage of five classic album covers, and I had to draw each one separately and then miniaturise them, making it effectively five panels in one).

Also the Beach Boys/comic fan crossover may be larger than I at first thought - today I was reading an old Hellblazer from 1992, and saw a letter from Ruthie Capella, who runs a Dennis Wilson website and is a good friend of my friend Susan. I then looked through the Cerebus mailing list members to find Gerhard's email address and found someone from another Beach Boys list I frequent. Maybe the potential audience for this is bigger than I thought ;)
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Our Prayer

For those who don't know, this is the community for my web-(and hopefully one day dead tree) comic Dumb Angel. I will be using this community to update people as and when new pages of comic are up. Until I get my keenspace URL through, I will post the images here, linked to photobucket. After that, I will post links to the comic. While posting images, these will be lj-cut for the sake of those with low bandwidth.

Dumb Angel is a (more-or-less) non-fiction comic about the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson album Smile. For those of you who don't know it, look here and here for more information. But the comic should be readable without that information.

first page, please don't be too hard on meCollapse )

Feel free to post to the community about things related to the comic, within reason, but if` poossible make comments on pre-existing posts instead...
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