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dumbangelcomic's Journal

Dumb Angel
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This is a livejournal community set up for people to view and maybe discuss the comic Dumb Angel, by Andrew Hickey (stealthmunchkin). This comic is based around the recording of the album Smile by the Beach Boys, the mythology surrounding it, and my own personal experiences listening to it.
1966, 1967, 2004, 60s music, al jardine, alan moore, americana, andrew hickey, avant garde, bad art, barnyard, be my baby, black & white comics, bob lizik, bootlegs, brian wilson, brian's back, bruce johnston, cabin essence, cabinessence, carl wilson, carol kaye, cerebus, child-is-father of the man, childhood, clever pop, comics, composition, cool cool water, danny hutton, darian sahanaja, dave sim, david anderle, david leaf, dennis wilson, do you dig worms, do you like worms, dumb angel, eddie campbell, elements, fandom, fire, frank holmes, friday night, from hell, fucking with the formula, garth ennis, gee, gerhard, glimpses, good vibrations, graphic non-fiction, graphic novels, great found albums, great lost albums, hal blaine, health food, healthfood, heroes & villains, heroes and villains, holidays, how to speak hip, i wanna be around, i'm in great shape, jeff foskett, jim hines, jules siegel, lamplight, laughing at domenic priore, leonard bernstein, look, look! listen! vibrate! smile!, love to say dada, melmoth, mental illness, mike love, mind gangsters, monterey pop, mp3, mrs o'leary's cow, nelson bragge, nick walusko, ninth art, no more heroes, orange crate art, our prayer, paul williams, pet sounds, phil spector, prayer, probyn gregory, psychedelia, rick veitch, rock hudson, roll plymouth rock, rubber soul, scott bennett, seconds, sequart, sequential art, sgt pepper, smile, smiley smile, smog, song cycle, song for children, spirituality, stealth munchkin, stockholm strings and horns, surf's up, taylor mills, teenage symphonies to god, the beach boys, the beatles, the elements, the old master painter, the wondermints, the wrecking crew, tones, tracers, van dyke parks, vegetables, warren ellis, webcomics, wild west, wind chimes, wonderful, woodshop, workshop, you are my sunshine